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Helping you deliver in the moments that matter for your customers

Customer service can be complex. But, the tools you use shouldn’t be. When customers call, chat, email or text, the right contact centre solution makes it easy to communicate with them and deliver a great customer experience.

The Genesys™ Cloud™ platform was built from the ground up to leverage the true power and vast benefits of the cloud. It captures and consolidates customer conversations in one place, making it easy for you to spot trends, collaborate across teams and solve problems. Give your business a complete customer engagement and communication solution so you can provide a great customer experience and better engage your employees.

Recent changes have been severe in impact and global in scale. Smart organisations are seeking ways to stay sharp and agile, so they can continue serving and selling in stride. 

Sign up for the Ready Response offer from Genesys & QPC – be ready for whatever comes next. 

Self Service Options

Let Customers get what they need without help. Free agents for complex interactions that require a human touch.


Reduce incoming interactions by proactively informing customers about problems or fixes with outbound voice notifications.

Public cloud hosting

Manage your contact centre remotely with a fully cloud-hosted solution that can be access anytime, anywhere.

Voice & Digital

Automate the routing of voice, callbacks, chat or email for greater efficiency when your call centre traffic spikes.

Employee collaboration tools

Boost productivity with built-in chat, document sharing and video conferencing – perfect for the at-home workforce.

Security and resiliency

Trust in a secure platform. Genesys Cloud is built to handle rapid change and adheres to the strictest cloud security protocols.

Whitepaper : The New Paradigm Be ready for what's now and next

Download the whitepaper to learn how migrating from your legacy contact centre solution to Genesys cloud will

Up in a few days. Built for the long run

The Genesys Ready Response offer makes it easier to absorb the shocks caused by this disruption, and the next one, and the next one.

Keep things running today – and pave the way for success tomorrow. Genesys Cloud & QPC have you covered.

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Free introductory eLearning courses for admins, supervisors and agents – comsumable in less than a day.

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Walk away when the 30 days are over or continue serving and selling with Genesys Cloud. The choice is yours.

QPC has been at the forefront of contact centre innovation for more than 25 years. From voice, to emerging, multi-channel technologies, the company has long led a worldwide debate on the challenges facing customer experience practitioners, and created pioneering solutions to overcome them.

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